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CMS - 2.1.5 - High Rock

Boots and a TuTu


“Why are you wearing boots on such a hot day?” asked Jaxon.

“Because I want to,” said Lisa.

“They look silly with that tutu,” said Jaxon.

“Not to me,” said Lisa. “I think they look perfect. And what I think is the most important thing to me.”

“I cannot believe your Mom let you wear that to school,” said Jaxon.

“My Mom always lets me pick what I will wear. Does your Mom pick your clothes?” asked Lisa.

“Yes. She knows what looks cool. I trust her to pick the best,” said Jaxon.

“I guess my Mom trusts me to pick what is best,” said Lisa.

“I do not think you did a very good job today,” said Jaxon. “No one wears boots with a tutu.”

“I do,” said Lisa. “And I am someone.” Lisa crossed her arms and put her chin up high.

The teacher came over and told the children it was time to go to their seats. “Lisa, that’s a very nice outfit you have on today. I bet you picked it out all by yourself,” said Mrs. Jones.

“Yes,” said Lisa. “I want to be a ballerina cowboy when I grow up.”

“You can’t be both,” said Jaxon.

“Maybe she can,” said Mrs. Jones. “She won’t know if she doesn’t try.”

Everyone took their seats and Mrs. Jones asked if anyone knew what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Most of the children raised their hands. “Good!  Let’s start today by writing what you want to be and then you can draw a picture of yourself doing that,” said Mrs. Jones.

Everyone was given paper to write and draw with. Mrs. Jones walked around the room and helped each one to spell what they wanted to be. It was a lot of fun.

Lisa was the only one who wanted to be a ballerina and a cowboy. Many of the children wanted to be firemen. Some of the boys thought that only boys could be firemen, but Mrs. Jones told them that girls could be firemen, too.

One boy wanted to be a Mommy. Everyone laughed. But Mrs. Jones said she knew some men that were Mommies. They stayed home with the kids and cooked and cleaned and took their children to the doctor and to baseball practice and more.

“So, we can be anything we want?” asked Jaxon.

“Yes”, said Mrs. Jones.

Ten children raised their hands to change their papers. Mrs. Jones smiled and said that the class would do it again tomorrow and everyone could change their minds whenever they wanted.

Of course, Lisa already knew this. She was already thinking of being a lion tamer tomorrow.

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